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Harlem #1 Laundry Service is a convenient laundry solution serving Harlem and other parts of New York City. Our services are designed to free up time for you to do other things. Just pack your bag, place your order online, and let H1LS take care of the rest.




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Xhleti Deccu and Arthur Banfield were born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Deccu’s academic achievement in the city public school system earned him a seat in Drexel Universitys business school. He worked at Starbucks Coffee on 125th Street and Lenox Avenue where he met co-worker Arthur Banfield, an energetic go-getter who had amassed a broad range of sales, multi-level marketing and service experience by his mid-twenties. Banfield credits Excel Communications and The U.S. Census Bureau as two of his biggest career influences.

Deccu and Banfields mutual respect and working relationship naturally progressed toward a productive friendship. While discussing 2010 New Years resolutions, the duo brewed up a unique business venture. Just the day before their life-changing conversation, Deccu’s father had suggested that his son open an Internet-based laundry service. Deccu had resolved to start a laundry business and Banfield had resolved to start his own business. Both were in agreement about a joint venture after several conversations. Together, they founded Harlem #1 Laundry Service (H1LS) and developed a plan to launch by years end.

Xhleti Deccu and Arthur Banfield are poised to make history. Their plans to provide innovative, time-saving, affordable laundry services that create upwardly mobile jobs are proof that entrepreneurship, community spirit and opportunity are alive and well in Harlem.